PREMIUM Light Beer at a LIGHT Price! We outrank most other premium light beers nationally on That’s a pretty big deal. Despite this, we sell for much less. We don’t spend millions on ads and billboards so we can give back – keep a few more bucks in your pocket and Have A Good Ass Time instead!

Good Ass Beer is also Light Beer with Flavor! With 105 Calories and 4.2% ABV, Good Ass Beer is a Light Lager with just a few more calories than some of the other “super light” beers but has much more flavor.

Why? How?

Most light beers are “High Gravity.” This means that most other light beers are first brewed as a regular beer, then watered down to become a light. This process strips a lot of flavor and sometimes even ABV out of the beer. Good Ass Beer, on the other hand, is brewed to be a light. It is never watered down. This is why it has so much flavor and without sacrificing ABV. And at only 105 calories, you can Have A Good Ass Time without packing on the pounds! So sip back and enjoy the hints of Hop and Brown Ale and real beer flavor, but still know it is drinkable and won’t make you feel heavy and tired.